Bear Hunting

alaska bear huntingHere at Track and Trap Guide Service, bear hunting and bear trapping is our specialty.  I started baiting bears in 1993 for myself and my father. Since that time twenty one bears have been harvested by my father, myself, and various other friends.  In my first year of operation, there was a 99% success rate. Out of the twelve sportsmen that hired Track and Trap Guide Service, eleven harvested bears ranging from 125 to 200 lbs.

What We Offer:

We offer weekend bear hunting / trapping excursions in the beautiful, rugged woods of Alaska in various locations.

Bear Hunting

Arrive Friday

Hunt Friday & Saturday night

Leaving Sunday morning

Bear Trapping

Arrive Friday morning to set your traps.

Trap Saturday & Sunday morning.

Included in our weekend bear hunting / trapping package are all meals, lodging, transportation to and from the bait, as well as game retrieval. We are willing to stay as long as it takes if you want us to. We will process animals for transport but skinning your bear will be an additional charge.

All this for only $225.00 per day!

Week Long Hunt

Bear hunting starts here in Alaska the first week in July (check Alaska law book for starting date). For a week long hunt you arrive in camp on Sunday afternoon and depart the next Sunday after breakfast. For that week we provide food and lodging and transportation to and from the hunting site.

The cost of the hunt is $1250.00 per person.

Observers Package

For those who would like to experience the excitement of bear hunting/bear trapping, but do not want to harvest an animal, we  offer an observer package. This package would include all meals and lodging. Observers must provide their own transportation.

**Please note that as a observer you can in no way help in the harvesting or retrieval of the animal without proper license. Please call or email for details.